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Hub Motor vs. Mid Motor - What's The Difference?

When looking to purchase your first electric bike, you will discover there are two main types of motors. Either a hub motor (motor in the wheel) or a mid motor (motor at the front gear/pedals). So the questions is, which one is the best fit for you?

The most common motor on the market right now is the hub motor. This is typically found in the rear wheel. It is a simple single gear motor, which is lighter weight and inexpensive. Three of our models, Gemini I, Gemini II and F-Max, all utilize the hub motor design. Two of our models, Katana and Phoenix, utilize the mid motor design. All of our models are currently equipped with a 750W Bafang motor offering peak performance with either configuration.

The key differences between the two types of motors are as follows:

PRICE: The hub motor is less expensive to manufacture and install. This allows us to provide a competitively priced ebike with our hub motor configurations.

WEIGHT: The hub motor weighs less than the mid motor. This is vitally important on our folding bike model as that is likely to be lifted in and out of vehicle or for storage. Although the mid motor weighs more, the center of gravity of the bike is centered under the seat and pedals, making handling better for off road conditions.

PERFORMANCE: Mid motors are known for higher performance and torque compared to a hub motor. The primary source of this increased performance is that the mid motor drives the crank, instead of the wheel. This increases its power and allows for more efficiency by taking advantage of the bike's existing gears. Similar to a manual shift car, the gears can be used to deliver more power and range.

Overall, any one of our models is a great value and will deliver supreme performance with their 750W Bafang motors, whether hub or mid. The key difference will be how you intend to use your bike. If you are in a very hilly area or intend to do significant amount of off road adventuring, then a mid motor would be your best option. However, if you are looking for a daily commuter for mostly flat areas, our hub motor configurations would be a great fit.

Check out our models and see which one will fit you the best!

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